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General Manager Named for The Warehouse Food Hall

Manager Steve Steading brings over 20 years of hospitality experience and knowledge of the Bodo District to The Warehouse, opening this summer

BOISE, ID (February 15, 2022) – Geronimo Hospitality Group has named Steve Steading the general manager of The Warehouse, a 29,000 square foot food hall coming to downtown Boise this summer bringing a variety of culinary flavors and styles all under one roof.

Prior to joining The Warehouse, Steading served as the area general manager for The Grove Hotel and Hotel 43 in downtown Boise. He managed overall daily operations for both hotels as well as developed marketing and revenue management strategies to increase each hotel’s presence. Steading has previously served roles as a sales account manager, director of marketing and director of revenue management for several hotels on the west coast and pacific northwest region.

Steading’s 23 years of hospitality, management, leadership and knowledge of the Boise area will have an immense impact on the success of The Warehouse and its grand opening this summer. As general manager his responsibilities will include ensuring guest satisfaction, onboarding new vendors and managing employees.

“The Warehouse is going to transform Bodo and give guests a truly unique culinary experience,” said Steading.

“I’m excited to be part of it and look forward to leading tenants toward success. Together we will create one of the best dining experiences Boise has to offer.”

The Warehouse Food Hall will be an extension of the 8th Street dining district with space for over 20 food and retail vendors. It will house the best of the best independently owned businesses and local favorites in the heart of downtown.

“Steve is already proving to be a crucial benefit to The Warehouse and its vendors,” said Jeff Whiteman, Chief Operating Officer of Geronimo Hospitality Group.

“His expertise of the area will connect residents and visitors to the food hall’s vendors and contribute to making The Warehouse a staple in the culinary and social fabric of Boise.”

To learn more about The Warehouse, visit or follow The Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram.


About The Warehouse Food Hall

The Warehouse Food Hall is a place that takes pride in craftsmanship. With over 29,000 square feet, The Warehouse will feature the best-of-the-best independently owned businesses and local favorites. This hub of Boise’s finest will be an extension of the 8th Street dining district with space for 20+ food and retail vendors. We’ll connect The Warehouse’s vendors with the city’s residents and visitors while becoming a part of the culinary and social fabric of Boise. For food hall details and leasing information, visit:

About Geronimo Hospitality Group

Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, Geronimo Hospitality Group owns and operates a growing

collection of award-winning, upscale boutique hotels, restaurants and clubs. Committed to

providing memorable guest experiences through its genuine service and original brands,

Geronimo properties are distinguished as destinations of choice for locals and travelers in the

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