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Gaston’s Bakery brings its specialty made baked goods to The Warehouse

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked bread? We didn’t think so. For the last 20 years, Mathieu Choux has been treating the Boise area to some of the highest quality and cleanest baked goods possible.

Choux opened Gaston’s Bakery in 2006 serving breads, croissants and other pastries. Over the years the bakery has put a major emphasis on using locally and ethically sourced products. He uses local Idaho wheat for his baked goods and has spent years mastering the craft of making flour. A specially designed mill maintains the integrity of the flour giving it more fiber and flavor with no artificial ingredients or bleach products.

Gaston’s Bakery is now bringing the delicious scent and of course, the delectable taste of freshly made breads and pastries, to The Warehouse Food Hall where it will serve locals and travelers alike while continuing to provide other local businesses with its baked goods.

Choux is ready to get baking and provide the Warehouse with a sense of warmth, quality and comfort.

How did you get started?

We started with Cafe de Paris in downtown Boise in 2001. After a few years, we started baking our own breads to supply the restaurant for a more authentic menu. Other restaurants and venues around town inquired about our breads and we opened the bakery officially in 2006 to help meet demands in the Treasure Valley.

What would you say is unique about your business?

The heart of our bakery is based locally, not just with our community partners, but our actual wheat is all obtained from Idaho family farmers. We mill all of the wheat in house and create products that not only support local, but also maintain the integrity of the wheat- resulting in breads that feel good to eat and taste amazing. We leave out all preservatives and artificial ingredients, focusing on the natural flavors and health benefits of the wheats we have.

At The Warehouse, it’s going to be all about experience and adventure, what do those two words mean to you?

Experiences are the memories we keep from our adventures. An adventure is an open concept. It can be a small or large part of our life, but the experience is what you remember. The experience is everything from the sights and smells to the people you meet and connections you make.

When you hear “The Warehouse,” what does that mean to you?

The Warehouse reminds me of industrial parks in larger cities where communities come together in amazing ways to create culture and foster diversity in city centers.

What got you interested in The Warehouse?

We have been looking for an opportunity to expand our local business and provide more products to our customers.

Why do you want to be part of the warehouse?

We think that the Warehouse is going to be a great addition to the downtown Boise scene by bringing forth more local concepts and accessibility to new flavors. It’s going to be a great area to be in and we’re looking forward to meeting all of the other vendors.

In one word how would you describe The Warehouse Food Hall?


To learn more about Gaston’s Bakery, visit, and to learn more about The Warehouse Food Hall, visit


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