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Passion and Legacy Unveiled: KB’s Burrito at The Warehouse

The menu at KB’s Burrito offers a wide variety of Mexican American options, but there are two ingredients found in every one of its dishes: passion and love. And you can taste it in every burrito, taco and quesadilla they serve. 

KB’s got its start three decades ago and has been serving healthy, Mexican American dishes using the freshest ingredients they can find. Just over ten years ago, the current owner, Santos Serva, along with his four brothers took over KB’s where together they grew the business and expanded all over Idaho.  

Santos wanted to expand into the Boise area and felt The Warehouse Food Hall would be the best place to reach Boise locals, tourists and visitors alike. We couldn’t agree more. 

We caught up with Santos to learn more about KB’s Burrito and The Warehouse.  

What does your business do? 

KB's does Mexican American style food that uses healthy and very fresh ingredients to make burritos, tacos, salads and quesadillas. 

How did you get started? 

KBs started in 1993 in Ketchum, Idaho. We are five brothers who took over KB’s 11 years ago. Since then, we’ve been working and opening in other cities like McCall, Twin Falls, Hailey and recently in Eagle, Idaho. 

What would you say is unique about your business? 

It is a healthy option. Meats are grilled and we have chicken, steak, pork, mahi mahi, shrimp and salmon available.  

What is one menu item would you suggest to someone trying KB Burrito for the first time? 

Definitely fish tacos or Ketchum burrito.   

At the Warehouse, it’s all about “experience” and “adventure”. What do those two words mean to you? 

My expectation with KB'S for The Warehouse offers a high-quality experience. Creating a sense of adventure is important, and we’ve been doing that in our business for many years, it's been great.


What got you interested in The Warehouse? 

At my place in Eagle, I met a friend. One day we were talking about other places for KB’s, and he mentioned The Warehouse, so I stopped by to check things out and I liked the place. I think it’s a unique spot for locals and tourists. 

Why did you want to be part of The Warehouse? 

It’s a great place to be in downtown. 

In one word, how would you describe The Warehouse Food Hall? 



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