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The Warehouse Food Hall Welcomes Foy’s Franks and Poppy Seed Bakery & Café

Boise’s food hall expands its offering with gourmet hot dogs and artisanal baked goods.

Boise, ID (March 19, 2024) The Warehouse Food Hall in downtown Boise announces the addition of Foy’s Franks and Poppy Seed Bakery & Café to its lineup of independently owned and operated vendors. Both tenants are set to open inside the food hall this summer.

Foy’s Franks is pushing the boundaries on the American classic hot dog with its inventive menu featuring a selection of hot dogs, German sausages, chorizo dogs, corn dogs, mac and cheese, tater tots and more. Formerly a hot dog cart, Foy’s is owned by Jarrett Foy who’s ready to serve his dogs to an even larger audience at his first brick and mortar location.

Poppy Seed Bakery and Café brings an array of breakfast, lunch and dinner options with its menu ranging from scones and cinnamon rolls to sandwiches and soups. Owners Leanne and Mitch Meade started selling their goods at a local bake sale before opening their own cottage bakery.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Foy’s Franks and Poppy Seed Bakery & Café,” said Robert Rourk, general manager of The Warehouse Food Hall. “The Warehouse is ever-changing, and these new spots bring fresh flavors and options, giving our guests even more delicious decisions to make when they visit.”

For more information about Foy’s Franks, Poppy Seed Bakery & Cafe and The Warehouse Food Hall, visit

About The Warehouse Food Hall

The Warehouse Food Hall is a place that takes pride in craftsmanship. With over 29,000 square feet, The Warehouse features the best-of-the-best independently owned businesses and local favorites. This hub of Boise’s finest is an extension of the 8th Street dining district with

space for 15+ food and retail vendors. We connect The Warehouse’s vendors with the city’s residents and visitors while becoming a part of the culinary and social fabric of Boise.

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