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To eat them is to love them: Waffle Love takes this sweet treat to the next level

Have you ever eaten something so good it made you fall in love? Stephanie Benett hopes you find this feeling at her restaurant, Waffle Love, that’s making its way to The Warehouse Food Hall. Here, waffles aren’t just made for breakfast but rather any time of the day with both savory and sweet options.

Waffle Love’s story begins as a food truck-turned-bricks and mortar restaurant with locations across states like Utah, Texas, Arizona, California and now Idaho. Waffle Love first came to Meridian, Idaho last March and since then, it’s been whipping up specialty waffles, fried chicken and fresh cut fries to customers. It’s proving any meal can be built around a waffle.

Stephanie is excited to bring this menu filled with dozens of waffle-inclusive combinations, like grilled cheese and tomato bisque and the popular chicken bacon ranch sandwich, to The Warehouse Food Hall with the hope guests will fall in love at first bite.

We asked Stephanie about Waffle Love and The Warehouse. Here’s what she had to say.

At The Warehouse, it’s going to be all about “Experience” and “Adventure” What do those two words mean to you?

We are always trying to provide an amazing experience to our customers, which includes outstanding customer service, exceeding expectations and fantastic food. We love to surprise and delight customers who have never heard of Waffle Love as well as our ride or die customers.

What does the word “Food Hall” mean to you?

I have never visited a food hall; I am envisioning a super deluxe food court.

What got you interested in The Warehouse?

The developer reached out to us, explained the concept and I was instantly excited. We love the idea and believe it will be wildly popular in downtown Boise.

Why do you want to be a part of The Warehouse?

I think this is a unique concept for Boise and that it will instantly thrive. The location is amazing with the proximity to downtown and Boise State and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.

In one word how would you describe The Warehouse Food Hall?


To learn more about Waffle Love, visit, and to learn more about The Warehouse Food Hall, visit


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