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The Beloved Hot Dog: Foy's Franks at The Warehouse

The hot dog is an American classic comfort food. Whether enjoyed at a ballpark or in the backyard, it’s a familiar food that brings people together. Foy’s Franks is looking to continue to bring people together over the love for the hot dog, but with a bit of a twist at The Warehouse Food Hall.

Foy's Franks at The Warehouse Food Hall in downtown Boise, Idaho

Foy’s Franks is dedicated to reinventing this classic by bringing a fresh perspective and gourmet flair to every bite. Using unique flavor combinations and fresh ingredients, Foy’s is putting its own spin on hot dogs and sausages. Before setting up shop at The Warehouse, Foy’s was selling dogs out of a cart at weekly events. Now, owners Jarrett and Kaytlin hope to reach even more Foy’s fans at the food hall.

We caught up with Jarrett to learn more about Foy's Franks and The Warehouse.  

What does your business do? 

At Foy’s Franks, we are striving to push the boundaries on an American classic (Hot Dog). While sticking to the basics, we still deliver an assortment of dogs/sausages ranging from a classic Chicago Dog to homemade recipes that we or a loved one enjoys, including German sausages, chorizo dogs, corn dogs, tater tots, Mac n cheese, and more. With dedication to our own taste buds, we make every meal like it was for us.

How did you get started? 

Jarrett ran into his old 5th grade football coach who is currently someone who owns a hot dog cart and they got to talking. Looking for something that could provide for the family but also bring joy to himself, Jarrett purchased a cart and got to cooking. Setting up downtown during the weekend nights, and going to events by the high schools during the week, Jarrett and Kaytlin fell in love with the outreach and appreciation from simply giving someone a nice hot, hot dog. Kaytlin always would tell Jarrett ‘We aren’t a restaurant,’ as he always threw around ideas of more recipes and styles of sausages. That’s where The Warehouse came in.

What would you say is unique about your business? 

Foy’s Franks will be operated mainly, with the help of a few employees, by Jarret Foy and Kaytlin Hartsell themselves. We also take a lot of pride in the fact that we are one of the few places that carry a wide range of gourmet hot dogs, and sausages. Each month we will have a specialty dog that will either coincide with the holiday or the vibe of that time of the year, along with providing our customers with a punch card so every 10th dog is free.

When you hear “The Warehouse,” what does that mean to you?

Life-changing opportunity.  

What got you interested in The Warehouse? 

Location and atmosphere. Downtown Boise is what we love to call “hip” and The Warehouse contributes to that vastly. The diversity within the food hall brings a different approach to a faster pace yet gourmet style of dining, which we enjoy.

Why did you want to be part of The Warehouse? 

The number one aspect of the whole relationship Foy’s Franks truly enjoys is the combined success factor, as The Warehouse thrives so do we. The support throughout the whole process has been phenomenal. Being around other like-minded individuals with the same goals.

In one word, how would you describe The Warehouse Food Hall? 



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