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The art of coffee comes to life at The Warehouse with the addition of Caffe D’arte

Whether you want a black coffee, an americano or a fancy latte, Caffe D’arte has just what you need to get you through the day. With over 30 years in the specialty coffee industry, Seattle-based Caffe D’arte brews each cup with quality as the main ingredient.

Caffe D’arte began in 1985 after founder Mauro Cipolla moved from Italy to Washington, bringing with him a knowledge of traditional Italian coffee roasting techniques. Fast forward to today, Caffe D’arte has grown into several locations in Washington, and become a staple in Boise’s Bodo district for the last decade with its location on the corner of 8th and Broad Streets.

The award-winning roaster is now moving into The Warehouse Food Hall where it will serve its loyal fanbase and reach a new audience.

“That end of downtown is growing and vibrant and we want to be part of that,” said General Manager Joe Mancuso.

Owners of Caffe D’arte say they wanted to move into The Warehouse because of their deep investment into the success of the Bodo district. To the staff at Caffe D’arte, coffee isn’t just an energizing drink but rather a social product that’s meant to bring people together, just like the goal of The Warehouse Food Hall.

Caffe D’arte will be one of the first vendors guests see when they walk through The Warehouse doors. The roaster hopes to delight customers with its espresso blends, coffees, cold brews and its signature Instagram worthy latte art.

“We’re excited about the project. I was a big supporter when I first heard about it. I think it’s going to be really vibrant and popular,” said Mancuso.

To learn more about Caffe D’arte, visit and to learn more about The Warehouse Food Hall, visit


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